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Ned Luke

Grand Theft Auto V

Before exploding onto the international scene as the voice and likeness of Michael De Santa in the wildly popular video game Grand Theft Auto V, Ned Luke had already accomplished much in his career of nearly thirty years.  He waited tables, sold cars, real estate, time shares and hot dogs.  All the while, Ned managed to enjoy enough success in show biz to keep him coming back for more.  Ned has appeared in nearly 100 commercials through the years hawking such products as Budweiser, Cheerios, Burger King, and many, many more. 


Ned has also enjoyed success on the small screen with shows including Law and Order: SVU, Third Watch, Boardwalk Empire, Law and Order, Murder One and the just completed pilot Unfiltered to name a few.  He even voiced a sheep dog named Raffles in the animated film Rover Dangerfield.


A diehard fan of the Chicago White Sox, Ned once turned down a national beer commercial because it shot in Wrigley Field, home to the hated Cubbies. Ned and his beautiful wife Amy live with their 13 year old son Bubba in New York.  


Ned on making of GTA V: "Stealing cars is hell of a lot more fun than selling them..."

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Ned Luke