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Madame Blackwatch

Pittsburgh Cosplay

Madame Blackwatch, Samantha, has been cosplaying since she was 26. Throughout life she loved dressing up and loved gaming but the real fun all started when a friend invited her to a con to cheer her up after being in The hospital and diagnosed with Crohns Disease. As soon as she went there she felt instantly at home. She didn't know what cosplay was but was told people dress up so she wore an old Sonya Blade Halloween costume. The love and support she got from it made her want to cosplay and go to more cons. She felt like she belonged and she can be herself. As she went to more cons she felt more inplace and made amazing friends. She met a friend and they went to a local charity event, the Dystonia Walk. While there they saw people dressed up and instantly knew they want to be a part of it. They wanted to create their own cosplay charity group. It was a great way to give back to the community and be able to do it being herself. Cosplay has changed her life and opened up a lot of doors for her to step out into the world. Currently she is trying Twitch Streaming and still going to plenty of cons. She just wants to spread love through cosplay and put smiles on peoples faces.

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