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Madame Blackwatch

Pittsburgh Cosplay

Introducing Madame Blackwatch, Samantha, a passionate cosplayer who has immersed herself in the world of cosplay since the age of 26. Throughout her life, she has always had a deep love for dressing up and gaming, but her true adventure began when a dear friend invited her to a convention, aiming to lift her spirits after a challenging hospitalization due to her diagnosis of Crohn's Disease. Stepping into that convention hall, she instantly felt a profound sense of belonging and familiarity.

Though unfamiliar with the concept of cosplay at the time, she was intrigued to learn that it involved dressing up. Embracing the occasion, she donned an old Sonya Blade Halloween costume. The overwhelming love and support she received from fellow cosplayers ignited a passion within her, compelling her to explore this remarkable world further and attend more conventions. In the realm of cosplay, she discovered a place where she could truly be herself.

With each convention she attended, Samantha found herself increasingly at ease, forming incredible friendships along the way. During one of her memorable encounters, she and a newfound companion attended a local charity event, the Dystonia Walk, where they were captivated by the sight of individuals dressed in vibrant costumes. Inspired by this experience, they realized their shared desire to establish their own cosplay charity group, a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community while embracing their authentic selves.

Cosplay has proven to be a transformative force in Samantha's life, unlocking numerous doors and empowering her to venture bravely into the world. Presently, she actively pursues her passion for cosplay by exploring the realm of Twitch Streaming, all while continuing to grace conventions with her presence. Her ultimate goal is simple yet profound: to spread love through the art of cosplay, bringing smiles to people's faces and kindling joy in their hearts.

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