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Michaela Jill Murphy

Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Emperor's New School

Michaela Jill Murphy (also known as Jessie Flower) is an American voice, film, and stage actress. She is known as the voice of Toph Beifong in the animated Nickelodeon television series "Avatar: The Last Airbender". Michaela's voice has been featured in several animated movies, including Meet the Robinsons, Over the Hedge, The Ant Bully, Finding Nemo, The Emperor's New School, and Brother Bear 2.

Michaela was born on August 18, 1994 in southern Indiana. At the age of four she moved to Los Angeles and began her acting career appearing in advertisements for Barbie and Mitsubishi. Michaela has also made guest appearances in television shows such as General Hospital and Strong Medicine, and subsequently majored in Theater and Film Studies at Yale University.

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Michaela Jill Murphy