T. Keith Justham has created the world of Victor Goth’s Art Emporium as a way to promote his artistic creations for the public to experience. Growing up from the moment I could hold a crayon, entertainment for me has been some form of art. Memories of selling drawings for twenty-five cents or almost setting the parents house on fire building my own Frankenstein laboratory are some of my earliest memories. Sculpting in my third grade art classes got me the recognition to be picked in fourth grade as the sculpting demonstrator for our school districts K-12 annual art show. It was nine hours of heaven with giant mounds of clay all to myself. During my high school years, I did portraits for pocket money and took the brand new Visual Communications course at the recently completed vocational technical school. I was part of the first graduating class winning a one year scholarship and the award for highest GPA. In college, I went on to earn a two year Associates Degree in Visual Communications and graduated in the top ten percent of my class. While there, I was part of test classes that would later become the school’s Special Effects degree program which was implemented two years after graduating.

Over the years I have been self-employed, unemployed, worked for mom and pop shops, businesses, and a large corporation all the while doing my own artwork on the side for my own sanity. I have been in gallery shows and won a variety of awards, ribbons and bobbles but it was all work I did for myself. Sculpting, painting, drawing, photography, airbrush (remember that), screen printing, auto restoration, home renovation and even a dabble into computer animation. If it is creating some form of art, that is where I want to be. From the realistic to the really bizarre.