In 2010 I took part in my first Artist Alley and it was one of the best things I ever did. I had never experienced such excitement and acceptance of my art as I did that weekend.

I am a Polymer Clay artist. Many but not all of my works are fan art. Doing fan art like mine is much more difficult than you would expect, you really have to “get it right”. People expect to be able to recognize the character you are representing. I do love doing original art too, there is a large amount of freedom in that. Both are satisfying in their own way. When I have the time I also love to do commissions, both large and small, as they give me a chance to work on subjects that I might not think of on my own.
Attending Conventions and being a part of the Artist Alley community has definitely changed my life and made it much more interesting! It is something I hope to be able to continue to do for many more years.