This will be Jason’s third year at Sci-Fi Valley con, and he will be doing two 30 min panels on his road through self and traditional publishing since becoming an author. The first panel will be at 11am on Saturday and the second will be at 11:30 on Sunday.

Jason is a self-published author who grew up in PA. After graduating from Full Sail University in 2006 with a degree in 3D animation/film, he discovered a passion for the creative process. Jason started writing in 2012 when he stopped pursuing a career in animation and created a bucket list of life experiences to complete. He fell in love and became intoxicated by the process involved in world and character creation.

After taking to social media to interact with other writers and polish his skills, his military sci-fi novel, VOK, received over one million views before securing the #1 spot in Sci-Fi and #2 spot in Fantasy on writing platform site Wattpad. He began working with a very talented concept artist by the name of Tyle Thull for a cover, and self-published VOK exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited shorlty thereafter.

After VOK’s publication, Jason started to branch out, and his first short story Fledging was published in the Brave New Girls Anthology, a collection of short stories featuring strong, STEM field related female protagonists. The proceeds for the Brave New Girls anthology are donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers.

Jason’s second published short story, Red Blaze, was his first attempt at writing horror. Red Blaze was submitted into TNT’s Horror Contest on Wattpad, at the end of 2016. It rose through the ranks, making it to the top ten before the contest was over. TNT held the option to make Red Blaze into a TV series for a year but ultimately the rights reverted back to Jason.

The Wrathic is Jason’s second full-length novel and first story written in the LitRPG or GameLit genre. He immediately fell in love with the genre, having grown up loving video games and movies such as Tron that centered around virtual reality and the games associated with them. The Wrathic recently reached #10 in on Kindle under the Action Adventure, Science Fiction category and climber to #11 on the Sci-fi what’s hot list, a mere three books stood between The Wrathic and Ready Player One which had a major motion picture released only a few months prior.

Jason currently works as a Wireless Consultant, and lives in Pennsylvania, but is looking to write full-time in the future. He is working on several other books and short stories, examples of which can be found on his Wattpad page and person website. The proceeds from his work, help to fund Jason’s future editing, cover art, and marketing costs.