Every legend has a side of it that goes untold just as we have a side of our lives that goes unseen. With countries fighting for power among themselves, the lands within are ravaged with turmoil and chaos. The people of the Suguremashita Region keep their hope in a legend that has yet to be proven to be true. When reality collides with fantasy, lives are taken so lives can be saved. When a young priestess is hidden in a parallel dimension where time passes slower to save her life she must return when called upon. In an unexpected moment, a young girl gets thrust from one world and into another to be transformed into the priestess she was destined to become.
As one makes changes to learn who they are, they learn to adapt to new situations and discover who they were meant to be. The journey is never easy but discovering oneself created a new found freedom that allows boundaries that prohibited growth to be shattered. This is a story of a girl who is given a chance to write her own destiny and immerse herself in a world that will bring out the true person that had been locked away by fear. This is a science fiction/fantasy series based in multiple worlds where a tournament of war will decide who will control the ultimate power.

Where magic, mystery, and murder collide with love, deception, and war in an epic series!