My name is Kara Ballenger and I’m a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I’ve been developing a graphic novel for 15 years and have finally published it. It’s about a young woman who finds herself in limbo and is escorted by the Australian Grim Reaper. He takes her to Dr. Hyde and she helps her out. The woman then finds herself in lots of different mythological realms, defending them from evil and wrong doings. The whole series is filled with dark fantasy and Mythology. I asked my partner for help a little under two years ago because she is very knowledgeable on mythology. We currently have one volume but, we’re in the process of making three for the next convention. I went to South Hills for graphic design and enhanced my fine art skills into digital. I’ve also recently started to make spray paint art as well. It was a big hit at Sci Valley this year and I’ll have more for the next one.

Please check out our website to look at our portfolio and graphic novel series. You can also follow us on facebook and instagram at Fire Sphere Designs. Hope to meet everyone this coming year. It’s going to be a blast.