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Dave Schroeder, pronounced SHRAY-der, is a retired Chief Information Officer. He’s served as Chief Technology Officer for a Bay Area dotcom and led the ecommerce division of a major Internet consulting company. He also wrote the book, music and lyrics for Softwear.com, a musical comedy produced off-off-Broadway. Dave lived in Roaring Spring and graduated from Central High School in Martinsburg, PA in the 1970s. He now lives in suburban Atlanta with his wife, his daughter, and two cats. He enjoys writing and acting in plays and performing as a voice actor with the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company.

He’s currently written five novels, XENOTECH RISING, Book #1 in the Xenotech Support / Galactic Free Trade Association series, XENOTECH QUEEN’S GAMBIT, Book #2, XENOTECH WHAT HAPPENS, Book #3, and XENOTECH GENERAL MAYHEM, Book #4, plus a 10,000 word novelette, XENOTECH FIRST CONTACT DAY, that describes what happened on the day when aliens invited Earth to join their trade association.

He’s also written the Congruent Mage series of fantasy novels set in a world where wormholes, called congruencies, are used to work magic. THE CONGRUENT APPRENTICE is Book #1, with THE CONGRUENT WIZARD and THE CONGRUENT DRAGON completing the first trilogy in the series.

The next novel in the Xenotech Support series will be XENOTECH VERSUS THE GALAXY.

Write to Dave at dave@daveschroeder.com or learn more about his fantasy and SF humor series at XenotechSupport.com and CongruentMage.com.

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