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Sci-Fi Valley Con is a small convention that takes place once every year in my town of Altoona, Pennsylvania.I had only recently moved to Altoona last year when the con was taking place, so I missed out on it and was quite bummed about that! I was really determined to attend this year! But then money problems came up (I had to go to the ER for an infected cat bite, and my car is currently making some noises that are making me think that I’m going to need a new car ASAP) and I didn’t want to risk losing hours by requesting time off from work. I decided I’d just try to pop in if I was lucky enough to have an evening off. Luckily I had all day off today, and the antibiotic that I’m on isn’t making me nearly as nauseated/tired as it had been the past few days, so I decided to get us out of the house and check out the con!

The one-day pass was really cheap (only 10USD) and there were two floors of tables! As today is a Sunday, the con wasn’t very busy, so it made wandering around and taking our time to look at everything really easy! There were still a few cosplayers (I saw two Poison Ivys, two Harley Quinns, an Assassin, a Borderlands character whose name I can’t recall atm, and a few others), though most people were not in costume. We didn’t want to stay too long, since this is my last day off for a while, so we walked around, stopped by a few booths to chat and/or buy some things, took a few photos of the attractions, and then we went home.

The first booth that really caught our eyes was Time For Hugs. He told us about his online comic, Unconscious: The Grim Reaper, which sounds so fun and entertaining that I’m definitely going to start reading it after I catch up on The Dreamer today! The booth was shared with Victoria’s Mishaps, who was selling hair bows made out of comic book pages! They were so cute, and if you know me irl you know I have a real OBSESSION for hair bows, so I bought one! ♥ After that, we were just sort of wandering around when someone shouted “Commander Shepard!” at me (I was wearing an N7 outfit), and we had a chat with the guy there. The booth was for the 1701st Fleet for Star Trek, which I’m not a huge fan of to say, but getting to talk about Mass Effect is something I will take advantage of ANY DAY! He was really nice and was telling me about his head canons for his Shepard. I love hearing about people’s PC’s!

They had some nice attractions on the first floor, such as the DeLorean from Back to the Future, the Ghostbusters car, a Batmobile, and even a TARDIS and Jurassic Park Jeep!


I kind of wanted a photo of Jesse and I peeking our heads out of it, but meh we just didn’t really feel like taking photos of ourselves hahaha.


I had actually planned out an Ellie cosplay just for this, but…uhm…I didn’t finish it on time. (;A;)

After that, we moved up to the second floor where there were even more artists and vendors. I bought a Harley Quinn/Joker light switch plate for my nerd office, and I wish I had remembered or gotten a card from the name of the shop, because they also sold cute bottlecap fandom jewelry! I tried to stop by the Cutie Pie Kawaii booth, but it was quite crowded and it wasn’t a big deal for me to stop because their shop is less than a minute away from my restaurant and I visit there quite often anyway haha! At the Frakker Lacquer booth, I bought a GoT-inspired nail polish called “The Strangler.” I just tried it out on my thumb nail now and it is gorgeous! I normally have a difficult time getting an adequate amount of glitter to come out on my clear glitter polishes, but not the case with this! You can see and buy it here on their Etsy: Frakker Lacquer: The Strangler.

Last, but certainly not least, we bought these awesome 11×17 prints from an artist’s stand! I can’t wait to put that Harley up in my office!

(Artists: Dan Schoening and Andrew Harmon (Spider-man and Harley Quinn), Jamie Fay and Andrew Harmon (Batgirl))


Though we were only there for about an hour or less, we had a lot of fun! I definitely plan on attending next year, in cosplay, and hopefully on a Saturday when it’s a bit busier! 😀

-Nikki Pryde