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Panel Scheduling:

If you are attending Sci-Fi Valley Con as a registered artist, writer, actor, director, etc. then you can have the opportunity to schedule a panel to discuss your work and techniques.


    If you wish to schedule a panel, the following requirements are listed below:

  • The speaker(s) must be officially registered with Sci-Fi Valley Con prior to scheduling. i.e. Your dealer/artist form must be submitted and accepted before you can be on a panel.
  • Speaker(s) have a maximum of 2 hours that they can be scheduled between the 2 days.
  • Speaker(s) cannot schedule more than 1 hour per day (Unless otherwise approved by the Promoter).
  • Panels are scheduled in 30-minute slots (You are permitted to have two back-to-back 30-minutes slots).
  • Panels must be related to the convention and its general theme. i.e. Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, etc.
  • Two or more speakers per panel is desired, but not mandatory.
  • Time slots are first come, first serve.
  • Promoter has the right to reschedule panels if needed (You will be contacted if this needs to be done).