Thank You Sponsors!

A big thank you to all our sponsors again who help grow Sci-Fi Valley Con every year. Please check out their website links below.

Sci-Fi Valley Con | Be Different. [Video]

This is Sci-Fi Valley Con’s tribute to the Apple “Think Different” campaign of 1997. A special thanks to Poke the Bear Productions for filming the original stock footage. And to Steve Jobs, you have been an inspiration to us and your passion for innovation and creativity will live on in us and our future generations…

BRAND NEW: Promotional Table now for $69

The “Promotional Table” is finally HERE! Starting at $69 Over the years, our staff has been plagued by the question: “I don’t know if should get an artist or dealer table because I’m not selling anything?” This is why we finally created a new category of tables just for them. It’s called the “Promotional Table”….


Sci-Fi Valley Con has recently acquired a ’74 VW Beetle which will be the official “Sci-Fi Valley Con Car”. Currently, we are in the process of restoring this classic car and will paint it a deep metallic blue. Here is how YOU can help (and make some cash)! We are starting a contest to see…

Order your artist table and get your bio on the site.

Sci-Fi Valley Con is the only convention (that we know of) that allows their artists to automatically post their bio, website, and photos on our “Guest Artists” page instantly after they purchase their table online. Buy your table now and you will be advertised on our website for the next 10 months. Tables start at…

New Website

Hello All, We hope everyone likes our new website design. Please email us if anyone discovers any problems or bugs. We completely built it from the grown up. This will be our 5 website in 3 years, and they get better and better everytime.