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Artist Table: starting at $69 HTML5 Icon Click Here to Order

An artist table can only sell merchandise that they solely created and/or have the exclusive intellectual property or copyrights to the merchandise. No commercial merchandise is allowed to be sold at an artist table. Such items include: self-published books, homemade jewelry, freelance artwork, indie films, etc.

Promotional Table: starting at $89 HTML5 Icon Click Here to Order
A promotional table can only be used for promotional purposed only. Merchandise should not be sold at a promotional table. These are primary used for advertising your business, products or services. In addition to generating leads and client registration. They should feature items such as: informative displays, brochures, flyers, business cards, free give-a-ways (pens, stickers, etc), signup forms, donation buckets, etc.
Promotional tables are used for: clubs, websites, bloggers, charities, businesses selling services/products not sold at the show, etc.

Dealer Table: starting at $119 HTML5 Icon Click Here to Order

A dealer table can sell any type of merchandise; specifically, commercial merchandise that was not produced solely by the dealer. Such items include: DVD’s, Comic Books (Marvel/DC), HeroClix, Trading Cards, Board Games, etc.
Food vendors are also considered “dealers” and should purchase a dealer table if they intend on selling any type of commercial and/or homemade food goods.
NOTICE: Bootleg recordings and other bootleg material are strictly prohibited. Specifically, DVD’s, Blu-rays, music, etc.

If you do not want to purchase your table online, please download the PDF registration form below: